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MFG Construction & Water Products

MFG CWP has established the largest full-service network of composite molding factories in North America.

Our network is supported by a shared foundation of engineering, design, R&D, procurement and program management that ensures consistent quality and service company-wide. This structure allows us to provide the most competitive cost structure Molded Fiberglass Construction & Water Products "MFG Construction & Water Products" Made in the USA starting in 1948possible. If JIT delivery or transportation costs are critical to your success, call us to learn more about how leveraging our regional network can improve your competitive edge.

Construction Products

MFG CWP offers an extensive range of fiberglass concrete forms that consistently outperform comparative steel, wood, cardboard, Styrofoam or plastic alternatives.

Custom Products & Solutions

MFG CWP custom fiberglass solutions include concrete forms, beams, bridges, columns and components for unique projects around the world.