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Fiberglass Pile Jackets

Fiberglass Pile Jackets by MFG Construction and Water ProductsWhen it comes to pile restoration on piers, bridges or buildings, fiberglass pile jackets from MFG Construction & Water Products (MFG CWP) provide a superior solution.

MFG CWP pile jackets are specially designed to repair structural piles (wooden, concrete or steel) that have lost or are losing their structural integrity due to corrosion, physical damage or other environmental factors. Resistant to acids, alkalies and most solvents, our fiberglass pile jackets deliver long-lasting, corrosion-free protection.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Cost and time savings when compared to rebuilding an entire pier by replacing pilings
  • Manufactured to exact specifications; standard diameters are 12” – 36” but custom sizes are available
  • Easy installation and modifications in the field
  • Custom colors available

Fiberglass Pipe Jackets on Pier by MFG Construction and Water ProductsPile Jacket Repair & Restoration
Our fiberglass pile jackets are used in correlation with either an epoxy or cement based grout that is pumped into the jacket creating a repaired structural pile through encapsulation. The joints on the sleeves are mechanically fastened and bands are generally applied on the outside of the jacket on a temporary basis to aid in containing the grout during the pressurized pumping process.

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