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MFG CWP Construction Products


MFG Construction and Water Products (MFG CWP) has developed a wide range of corrosion-free products – from a custom-designed bridge in Texas to high-rise apartment buildings in New York City.

Corrosion-Free Products Custom Solutions
MFG CWP helped restore a piece of New York City’s architectural history by replicating terra cotta cornices with our corrosion-free fiber glass reinforced plastic (FRP) product on Intermediate School Number 17 in Manhattan. After many years of harsh NYC weather, the terra cotta cornices had begun to fall apart, turning them into potentially dangerous objects. The cornices were taken down and replaced with FRP cornices that withstand wind, pollution, corrosion and the harsh city atmosphere. MFG CWP furnished over 200 individual components to complete this project.

MFG CWP also was enlisted to help furnish a luxury condominium in downtown Los Angeles with over 250 manufactured custom composite columns. The Century, a 42-story, 147-unit condominium with 884,468 square footage, was designed for elegance and upscale living. MFG CWP was challenged to build unique 13-foot fluted column form molds that deliver a lavishly smooth finish. The molds were produced in quarter sections using an open mold process. Containing a pre-treated mold release agent, the molds were corrosion-free and reusable for possible future projects. In the end, MFG CWP custom built 15 fluted column form molds that produced over 250 columns, eight columns per floor. The fluted concrete columns were more cost-efficient than any other stone alternatives.

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