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MFG CWP Construction Products


Transportation products are a niche application of fiberglass reinforced plastics from MFG Construction and Water Products (MFG CWP). This is another example of the design flexibility our products offer while delivering long-lasting, corrosion-free performance.

Custom Solution
In an effort to increase its growing horse and livestock market segment, a leading specialty trailer company contacted MFG CWP to ask if we could improve on the design and appeal of their enclosed two-horse, straight load model. They also wanted to design a cover that would have a touch of style while providing the best possible weather protection. MFG CWP recommended a V-shaped fiber reinforced plastics design to maximize trailer longevity. Manufactured in a hybrid molding process, the design combined vacuum infused molding and light resin transfer molding to yield a smooth finish on both sides. In the end, our fiber reinforced plastic transportation product provides a more cost-effective solution compared to steel or aluminum as well as an enhanced aesthetic design.

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