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Fiberglass Parshall Flumes

Fiberglass Parshall FlumesOur NSF 61 Parshall Flumes are used for metering liquids in open channels, the unbroken flow lines do not obstruct flow which can cause buildup of debris. The unbroken lines also result in low head loss characteristics which make the flume useful for measuring under gravity head situations and measuring liquids.

The NSF 61 Parshall Flumes are used to measure:

  • Industrial discharges
  • Influent / effluent
  • Municipal sewer flows

Produced using the lay-up process, the fiberglass parshall flumes are gel-coated on the interior/exterior sections to provide smooth internal contours that ensure measuring accuracy. The fiberglass parshall flume typically varies in size from a 1” to 12’ throat width.

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